East side of Hamlet of Milford K0K2P0

East end of Milford Millpond on Black River

Milford, Ontario, Canada

Millpond empties at this end over the damn into the Black River where it begins it's journey into Lake Ontario many KM away to the south and east of here.

Location created by
Don Ross

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Sunny with some clouds and moderately windy. No rain in past 24 hrs. Brown frog , some water bugs and a few wasps around.

03 May 14:30 by Don Ross

Sunny day with no rain in past 24 hrs. Garbage strewn about here and there. Lots of water flowing over the dam and along the river.

12 Mar 14:15 by Don Ross

Overcast and very gusty winds this afternoon with about 6 MM rainfall in past 24 hrs. Some bugs, green frogs and crows around. Large log that came over the dam this spring has clogged up this area where the water, when flowing, would have an easier time of it. Result is more growth of weeds, brush, plants, etc but at least water flowing over the dam and downstream the past week or so, after being bone dry most of the summer.

18 Aug 13:50 by Don Ross

Mostly sunny with a few clouds and no rain in past 24 hrs. Some white/brownish foamy stuff along the rocks where we test. Some small black bugs, songbirds and Canada Geese ( above the dam on the pond )

09 May 13:55 by Don Ross

Sunny clear sky with strong gusty winds. About 23 Mm rain in past 24 hours along with extreme winds. Very strong flow over the dam and along the river, with bank levels quite high.

26 Mar 16:30 by Don Ross

Overcast and very windy day, with around 42 Mm rain fall in past 24 hours. Finally enough water in the river to test after spring…nice amt flowing over the dam now. Lots of Canada Geese on the pond sitting on logs. Some beer cans littered around the rocks…picked up for recycling.

12 Nov 12:46 by Don Ross

Partly cloudy with no rain in past 24 hours. Water not flowing over the dam into the river below so our test area too dry to do anything until we get more rain, hopefully in fall when it normally would start running again.

30 Jul 15:00 by Don Ross

Clear skies and not much wind. Water flowing over the dam. Birds heard singing and lots of water bugs. Some white foam accumulating along the rocks.

24 May 20:46 by Heather Ross

Sunny calm day with just a few clouds around. 15.6 MM rain overnight during a thunderstorm. Plenty of water flowing over the dam and downstream in the river. Quite a few large pieces of trash around the ground. Some white foam gathering at the rocks.

24 Mar 16:05 by Heather Ross

Overcast with some sun peeling through and calm winds. No rain in past 24 hours, but since we’ve had 108 Mm rain since Oct 22nd there is finally water flowing over the dam and the river is flowing once again so we can test at this location. No wildlife around today other than the usual geese on the millpond.

04 Nov 15:10 by Don Ross