East side of Hamlet of Milford K0K2P0

East end of Milford Millpond on Black River

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    • Sunny & calm day with no rain in past 24 hrs. No signs of birds or insects here today and surprisingly, no garbage or cans, etc Hooray :)

      2019-05-18 13:05 EDT by Don Ross
    • Sunny day with just a few clouds and moderate winds. 3 MM of snow overnight has mostly gone now. Plastic water bottles and coffee cup washed up in the foam along shore so took them away for recycling and garbage. Very strong flows of water over the dam and into the river so our test was done from shore....as summer goes along and this area dries up we need to go out along the rocks into mid stream to get enough water to test. Wish it could stay like this forever.

      2019-04-01 14:20 EDT by Don Ross
    • About 4 mm rain & wet snow over past 24 hours. Overcast and calm now.

      2018-11-17 14:45 EST by Don Ross
    • About 50 MM rainfall in past 48 hours but river is still dry as a bone with no water flowing over the dam at all and just small pools of water sitting along the rocks of our test site. Lots of green algae and rock slime. Some geese can be heard on the millpond above the dam. Picked up & recycled some cans & plastic bottles here.

      2018-09-26 16:30 EDT by Don Ross
    • Only 1 Mm rainfall in past 24 hours, No water at all flowing over the dam for the past month or so and river bed is extremely dry. Had to walk out to middle to find some water to test which is indication of how dry this summer has been here. Lots of green algae and scum on water. Some birds can be heard and a few mosquitoes around.

      2018-08-16 19:30 EDT by Don Ross
    • Just under 6 mm rainfall past 24 hours. Sunny and calm winds today. Barely a trickle of water flowing over the dam from Millpond into the river now. Still some flow to the river though. Some birds heard but not seen....waterbugs on surface. Lots of white pollen floating in the air and on the ground & water.

      2018-06-25 09:40 EDT by Don Ross
    • No rain in past 24 hours. Sunny, warm and mild winds. Water running over dam but not very heavily. Water in river has bit of a stagnant smell and green algae bloom forming along the bottom. Lots of waterbugs on the surface , blackflies and songbirds about in the trees. Some plastic bottles, styrofoam and a tarp along the shoreline but I just had my bike so couldn’t bring them home to recycle...will get another time.

      2018-05-25 14:55 EDT by Don Ross
    • Ice off on river where we test but still on Millpond above the dam. 7 mm rainfall over past 24 hours. Overcast and mild with little wind. River flowing strongly over the dam. Spoke with fly fisherman who was there checking to see if the suckers have begun their run yet....none. They do usually come up river this far each spring but not here yet. Picked up several beer cans and plastic bags to recycle. Single robin seen nearby.

      2018-03-28 13:05 EDT by Don Ross
    • Water flowing freely and strongly over the dam and the river is open and free of any ice, although the Millpond is still mostly ice covered.

      2018-02-26 09:00 EST by Don Ross
    • No rainfall past 24 hours...overcast and calm winds. Water flowing nicely over the dam now and along the riverbed considering how bone dry it had been this summer. Still small amt of white foamy scum accumulated on the rocks . Massive flocks of migrating geese flew over us while walking from west end to east end of Millpond and many of them stopped to land on the water for a rest before carrying on south. We notice every winter that passes more of them stay over here all winter with weather being so mild now....we are the new south for some creatures due to climate change.

      2017-11-23 10:40 EST by Don Ross


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      Millpond empties at this end over the damn into the Black River where it begins it's journey into Lake Ontario many KM away to the south and east of here.

    • Lat: 43.93571563184733

      Lng: -77.09052801132204

      Timezone: America/Toronto