Purple Creek

Purple Creek

Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Located on upstream side of Purple Creek bridge on Westbrook Road. Access by parking on roadside and walking down either bank to creek. Westbrook Road and Purple Creek bridge at this location is east of the soccer field complex, after Westbrook enters a line of woods on either side of the road. Bridge is 0.13 miles west of the end of Westbrook Road. Westbrook ends at the gate entering the Westbrook family property.

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Abby Braman

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very flow summer flow, drought conditions

31 Aug 09:35 by Will McDearman

very hot, 100+ past 4 days, creek very low, minimal flow.

24 Aug 09:00 by Will McDearman

Very low flow, trickle with pools, water turbid and muddy even though no rain in past 2 weeks.

16 Aug 15:05 by Will McDearman

very low flow, hot and dry weather, no rain last 2 weeks.

11 Aug 09:20 by Will McDearman

Very low flow, shallow, no odor on or near creek despite very high concentration of E. coli, apparently from a sanitary system overflow at some unknown upstream site. Very hot and dry, no rain last 2 weeks. Creek still with litter and trash on banks.

03 Aug 09:00 by Will McDearman

very low flow and shallow, scummy in shallow pools.

28 Jul 10:20 by Will McDearman

no current or flow, backwater flooding from Pearl River downstream

20 Jul 08:45 by Will McDearman

Creek running at typical summer low flow, lots of trash on banks from high water weeks ago.

14 Jul 08:50 by Will McDearman

Creek running about normal summer flow.

07 Jul 09:00 by Will McDearman

Creek level lower at about normal summer flow from backwater and flood from Pearl River the week before. Temperature data not available, thermometer malfunction.

30 Jun 09:30 by Will McDearman