Purple Creek

Purple Creek

Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Located on upstream side of Purple Creek bridge on Westbrook Road. Access by parking on roadside and walking down either bank to creek. Westbrook Road and Purple Creek bridge at this location is east of the soccer field complex, after Westbrook enters a line of woods on either side of the road. Bridge is 0.13 miles west of the end of Westbrook Road. Westbrook ends at the gate entering the Westbrook family property.

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Abby Braman

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Observations summary

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Observation tests summary

Air temperature °C
26.0 Latest
25.4 Average
Water temperature °C
26.0 Latest
26.2 Average
Total coliform ppm
5733 Latest
5102 Average
Total coliform cfu per 100mL
2200 Latest
5870 Average
Incubation temperature °C
38.0 Latest
35.3 Average
E.coli cfu per 100mL
100 Latest
697 Average
Other coliform cfu per 100mL
2100 Latest
4931 Average
Incubation time (hours)
24.0 Latest
32.9 Average
River stage feet
17.5 Latest
17.5 Average