Bristol - South of Flag Island

Ottawa River

Quebec, Canada

Bristol, Quebec. South of Flag Island. Not part of main channel. Usually slower moving water. Rocky shoreline and shallow rocky areas around Flag Island. It is possible to navigate close to and around the two islands with a kayak. (Coordinates - N 45 31 17.25; W 76 28 26.53)

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Jennifer Haughton

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Investigators: Peter and Jennifer
Heavy Fog on opposite side of the river.
One other (fishing) boat
- lots of birds (belted kingfisher, ducks)

24 Sep 09:20 by Jennifer Haughton

Investigators: Peter, Jennifer, Deborah, Virginia.
Windy morning (no other boats on the river)
One exciting bird observation: Yellowlegs (could not identify if it was lesser or greater).

26 Aug 10:27 by Jennifer Haughton

Investigators, Peter, Jennifer, Virginia and Deborah.
Light wind.
- 2 fishing boats out.
- We observed several bird species (2 common terns, blue heron, eastern kingbird, waxwing) as well as 2 common map turtles.

30 Jul 10:00 by Jennifer Haughton

Investigators: Peter and Jennifer
Current conditions: overcast, light rain started after we finished water testing.
(no boats out at the time).
But about an hour later the sun came back out and there were some recreational boats out on the river at that time.
(recorded some Eurasian water milfoil that had washed up on shore when we returned to shore (Baie Haughton).

24 Jun 13:30 by Jennifer Haughton

Water testing May 27,23.
Investigators: Peter, Jennifer, Deb, Virginia
Water still a little cloudy likely from high waters/flooding in April and May. (Secchi depth is smaller, turbidity is higher)
Wildlife: spotted sandpiper, map turtles
(No other activity or boats on the water this morning).

27 May 10:00 by Jennifer Haughton

Sept 24, 22.
Investigators: Peter, Jennifer, Virginia, Deborah
- water level is up slightly
- Human activity: 1 sailboat, 2 kayaks
- Wildlife: water snake (swimming), garter snake (swimming - never seen garter snake swimming before - see photo)
- Map turtles (in Baie Haughton) counted at least 20 all basking in the sun on the rocks and on the logs (see photo).
- Great blue heron, and a belted kingfisher, and large flock of geese.

24 Sep 13:45 by Jennifer Haughton

Aug 27, 2022
South of Flag Island (Observers: Peter, Jennifer and Deborah)
Human activity: fishing
Wildlife: Spotted sandpiper, Map turtle, Bald Eagle (seen flying above in circles in the distance), Canada Geese

27 Aug 10:00 by Jennifer Haughton

July 31st/22. Observers: Peter, Jennifer, Deborah
Some recreational boating some kayakers, and boat (lots of boat activity yesterday)
Secchi depth (average of 3 people taking measurement).
Wildlife: map turtle, cormorants, song sparrow.
One piece of garbage removed from the river (empty container of worms for fishing).

31 Jul 10:20 by Jennifer Haughton

Observers: J. Haughton. D. Powell. plus two helpers (kids).
Lots of activity on the water yesterday (boats, fisherman, swimmers, recreational boating etc. )

Some wildlife out, some birds, and white admiral (butterfly on beach).

26 Jun 10:40 by Jennifer Haughton

Water testing, May 29/22.
Investigators: Peter, Jennifer Haughton and Deb Powell
South of Flag Island
Water is still higher than normal.
Some recreational boating (kayaking, paddleboarding)
Pollen in the water.
- Wildlife (3 map turtles, small water snake), 80 Canada geese
- Invasive species - Eurasian Water-Milfoil

29 May 10:00 by Jennifer Haughton