Bristol - South of Flag Island

Ottawa River

Quebec, Canada

Bristol, Quebec. South of Flag Island. Not part of main channel. Usually slower moving water. Rocky shoreline and shallow rocky areas around Flag Island. It is possible to navigate close to and around the two islands with a kayak. (Coordinates - N 45 31 17.25; W 76 28 26.53)

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Jennifer Haughton

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Investigators: Jennifer Haughton, Peter Haughton, Deborah Powell
Latitude: 45.52154; Longitude: -76.47308
Weather in past 24 hours: clear/partly cloudy
Current Weather: clear/partly cloudy (weather has been unseasonably hot recently - this weekend the temperature is expected to break records possibly reaching 30'C)
Human Activity: boating, fishing and swimming
Wildlife: Appears to be the start of major Canada Geese migration (counted 500+ Canada Geese flying overhead and landing in the Ottawa River), 2 ducks (possibly mallards), Belted Kingfisher, Spotted Sandpiper, Osprey, 2 map turtles (in Haughton's Bay).

23 Sep 10:00 by Jennifer Haughton

August water testing (August 25, 2017)
Location: 45.52125, -76.47275
Current weather: sunny
Weather in past 24 hours: sunny, partly cloudy
Wildlife Observed: immature bald eagle, belted kingfisher, double crested cormorant, 1 map turtle
(pH, alkalinity and hardness measured using 6 way test strips)
Also took sample for microplastics

25 Aug 09:30 by Jennifer Haughton

Coordinates: 45.52147; -76.47316
Investigators: Peter Haughton, Jennifer Haughton, Virginia MacLatchy
Weather in past 24 hrs: clear, sunny
Weather now: clear and sunny, very calm (no winds)
Activity: fishing, recreational boating, swimming, many boats going over to Pine Lodge beach (for Sunday Brunch)
Wildlife: Cormorant, Belted Kingfisher, family of 22 Canada Geese
(Lots of boats out yesterday and today with beautiful sunny weather, people swimming, boating, and fishing).
(Alkalinity, Hardness and pH measured using 6 way test strips)

30 Jul 10:00 by Jennifer Haughton

Investigators: Peter Haughton, Jennifer Haughton, Virginia MacLatchy, Deborah Powell.
Had some rain overnight. Currently sunny out with a few clouds and mild wind.
Some wildlife recorded: Crested Flycatcher, 1 map turtle in Haughton's Bay, Double-crested cormorant.
No other activity on the water.
Total Dissolved Solids on Conductivity meter: 30ppm
(Alkalinity, Hardness and pH measured using 6 way test strips)

24 Jun 10:20 by Jennifer Haughton

Riverwatcher (monthly testing)
Weather in past 24 hrs - light rainfall
Current weather - calm, clear/partly cloudy
Human activity - some recreational boating, and swimming (and some seasonal residents up cleaning shorelines/cottages after severe flooding this spring)
Wildlife - map turtles, bald eagle (earlier this morning)

27 May 16:11 by Jennifer Haughton

GPS reading: N45.51958; W076.47330
Investigators: Jennifer Haughton, Deborah Powell
Weather in past 24 hrs - clear/partly cloudy
Weather now - clear/partly cloudy (lots of fog early this morning at 8:00am, fog lifted around 9:30am)
Human activity - none
Species observed:
Several large flocks of Canada Geese (estimate 536)
Large flock of blue jays (estimate 20)
2 Crows
1 Raven
1 Belted Kingfisher
2 map turtles

24 Sep 10:30 by Jennifer Haughton

Date: August 29, 2016
Investigators - Deborah Powell, Virginia MacLatchy, Jennifer Haughton
GPS Coordinates: N45.5270, W076.47402
Weather (past 24 hours) - showers
Weather now - clear/partly cloudy, windy (approx. 15km/h), and some moderate waves
Human activity: 1 other recreational boat
Biological Activity: Osprey, Kingfisher, gull, blue jay, 2 map turtles (on log at the shoreline)

29 Aug 10:00 by Jennifer Haughton

Investigators: Deb Powell, Virginia MacLatchy, Peter Haughton, Jennifer Haughton
Water Quality Testing (July 30/16). Location (N 45' 31' 17.5, W 076' 28' 23.6).
Weather in past 24 hours - clear/partly cloudy
Weather now - clear/partly cloudy
Calm - winds less than 5 km/h
Human activity - very quiet at 9am but lots of activity later in the afternoon (on July 30), power boats, fishing, and swimming
Found dead fish floating in water later in the afternoon near shoreline (smaller fish maybe a small bass).

30 Jul 09:00 by Jennifer Haughton

Clear/Partly Cloudy over past 24 hours. Currently very sunny out (hardly any clouds), and very calm (no wind or waves). Very small amount of pollen still on surface of water in some areas. No other boats out on the water this morning.
Saw a spotted sandpiper, common grackle, and two map turtles.
Also completed one of the microplastics test during our testing.

24 Jun 10:15 by Jennifer Haughton

Investigators: Deb Powell, Jennifer and Peter Haughton
pH was measured using strip that expired January 2016.
Clear/Partly cloudy in last 24 hours. Currently clear/partly cloudy (sunny and hot with little/no wind).
Some recreational boating observed.
Wildlife included map turtles, snake, great-crested flycatcher.

28 May 11:40 by Jennifer Haughton