Bristol - South of Flag Island

Ottawa River

Quebec, Canada

Bristol, Quebec. South of Flag Island. Not part of main channel. Usually slower moving water. Rocky shoreline and shallow rocky areas around Flag Island. It is possible to navigate close to and around the two islands with a kayak. (Coordinates - N 45 31 17.25; W 76 28 26.53)

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Jennifer Haughton

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Investigators: Deborah Powell, Peter Haughton
Human Activity: Fishing, Recreational boating
Wildlife: 300 Canada Geese, Turkey Vulture, Map Turtles

30 Sep 11:00 by Jennifer Haughton

Investigators: Peter Haughton, Jennifer Haughton, Deb Powell, Virginia MacLatchy
Wildlife: Belted Kingfisher, 2 map turtles

24 Aug 10:00 by Jennifer Haughton

July 28, 2019. Observers: Virginia, Deborah, Peter, Jennifer. Very windy yesterday, calmer today.
Recorded 3 map turtles, 3 cormorants, and a spotted sandpiper.

28 Jul 11:00 by Jennifer Haughton

One motor boat across the river, cottages on a dock
Barb and a Peter Haughton, Virginia MacLatchy observers

29 Jun 12:45 by Virginia MacLatchy

Investigators: Jennifer Haughton, Peter Haughton, Deborah Powell
Weather in past 24 hours: some rain
Weather now: clear, sunny (humid)
2000+ Canada Geese on the river (between Webb's Bay and Pine Lodge). Flocks continue to fly in from the farmers' fields.
With all the geese there are lots of small white feathers on the water and along the shores.

09 Oct 10:30 by Jennifer Haughton

Investigators: Peter Haughton. Jennifer Haughton, Deborah Powell, Virginia MacLatchy
Longitude/Latitude: 45.52185, -76.47285
Weather in past 24 hours: clear/partly cloudy
Weather now: clear/partly cloudy (wind: 5-10 km/hr)
Wildlife Observations: 9 Canada geese, Osprey, Bald Eagle, Turkey Vulture
Some recreational boating

25 Aug 10:30 by Jennifer Haughton

Investigators: Deborah, Jennifer, Virginia, Maureen
Weather in past 24 hours: showers (8.4mm rain in Ottawa - Env. Canada website)
Weather now: clear/partly cloudy, wind less than 5km/hr
Wildlife: Great blue heron
YSI readings at surface:
Water temperature: 24.3 'C
Conductivity: 52 uS/cm
Dissolved O2: 88.2%, 7.4 mg/L
pH: 6.8

28 Jul 11:30 by Jennifer Haughton

June 24, 2018, 9:15am
Coordinates (45.52171, -76.47369)
Investigators - Peter Haughton, Jennifer Haughton, Virginia MacLatchy
Weather in past 24 hours - overcast with occasional light rain
Weather now - clear/partly cloudy, light wind
Wildlife observations - Mallard, Song Sparrow, 2 Great blue herons (flying near Webb's Bay)
Very quiet in terms of activity on the river (no other boats)

24 Jun 09:15 by Jennifer Haughton

May 26, 2018 (9:30am)
Downstream of Flag Island (N45.52114, W076.47019)
Deborah Powell, and Jennifer Haughton
Weather in past 24 hours: rain
Current weather: overcast (cloud cover - 90%), wind 0-5 km/h
Water levels have continued to decrease over the last week after spring flooding.
Biodiversity observations - Beaver, 9 Canada Geese, 2 Loons, Spotted Sandpiper, 10 map turtles (in Haughton's Bay).

26 May 09:30 by Jennifer Haughton

October 27, 2017 (1:00 pm)
Investigators: Peter Haughton, Jennifer Haughton
Coordinates: 45.52128, -76.47298
Weather in past 24hrs: clear/partly cloudy
Current weather: clear/partly cloudy (calm, wind approx. 5km/hr)
Wildlife: Approx. 500 Canada Geese, 1 blue jay

27 Oct 09:00 by Jennifer Haughton