Bristol - South of Flag Island

Ottawa River

Quebec, Canada

Bristol, Quebec. South of Flag Island. Not part of main channel. Usually slower moving water. Rocky shoreline and shallow rocky areas around Flag Island. It is possible to navigate close to and around the two islands with a kayak. (Coordinates - N 45 31 17.25; W 76 28 26.53)

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Jennifer Haughton

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Investigators: Peter and Jennifer Haughton
Large flock of geese flying over (300)
no other boating activity
A very rainy week (Had record rainfall on Wednesday and more rain on Thursday. )

25 Sep 12:00 by Jennifer Haughton

Investigators: Peter, Jennifer, Deborah, Virginia.
Some development on nearby shoreline (new lot digging foundation for new house).
Wildlife: spotted sandpiper, blue jay, turkey vultures, 7 Canada Geese.
(Note: Heat warning has been in effect for last few days, with temperatures above 30 degrees C)

27 Aug 09:30 by Jennifer Haughton

Jul 23, 2021
Investigators - Peter and Jennifer
one fishing boat out.

23 Jul 08:32 by Jennifer Haughton

Beautiful. Sunny day. Calm.
Investigators: Peter and Jennifer
Lots of recreational boats out this weekend including some fishermen

04 Jul 09:00 by Jennifer Haughton

Bristol. South of Flag Island.
Investigators: Peter and Jennifer Haughton
Notes: lots of pollen in the water.
Several boats out yesterday.
Wildlife - blue heron, song sparrow, map turtles

24 May 09:30 by Jennifer Haughton

Investigators: Peter and Jennifer Haughton
Wildlife - 1 Belted Kingfisher, and small flock of Canada Geese
Very little other activity on the river (boats)

27 Sep 11:30 by Jennifer Haughton

Investigators: Peter and Jennifer Haughton

30 Aug 09:45 by Jennifer Haughton

Some human activity on the water (fishing and recreational).

26 Jul 10:20 by Jennifer Haughton

Cloudy morning. Relatively quiet on the water. 1 map turtle in Haughton's Bay.

28 Jun 10:00 by Jennifer Haughton

Wildlife observed: garpike, 1 map turtle, tiger swallowtail butterfly

17 Jun 10:15 by Jennifer Haughton