Center of Lake McGlashan, deepest point

Lac McGlashan

Observations Summary

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    Ice Off2018-05-092017-04-242016-04-24
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  • Ice completely covering lake with the exception of stream (always unfrozen).

    2018-12-08 12:00 EST by Kat Kavanagh
  • Raining

    2018-06-23 12:26 EDT by Kat Kavanagh
  • Very sunny calm day

    2018-05-18 11:30 EDT by Kat Kavanagh
  • Warm day

    2018-05-09 10:40 EDT by Kat Kavanagh
  • Windy and cold. First snow.

    2017-11-19 10:41 EST by Kat Kavanagh
  • Sunny

    2017-09-02 14:24 EDT by Kat Kavanagh
  • Party time! Lac McGlashan Dock party today, lots of people were out with their docks despite the dark clouds! The sun came out for a bit, we also had a quick drizzle around 3pm. It had rained during the night as well.
    Overall lots of fun and good company!
    Special thanks to Caitlyn and Sophie for being awesome assistants!

    2017-08-19 14:30 EDT by Geneviève Barry
  • Sunny clear day, still water, slight breeze.

    2017-07-21 10:20 EDT by Geneviève Barry
  • Calm day, no wind.

    2017-06-27 11:15 EDT by Kathleen Murr
  • Warm, clear sunny day! A few people up enjoying the water, and a few swimmers, who noted the water is not bad. Blackflies are biting.

    2017-05-20 16:16 EDT by Kat Kavanagh


  • Added by Bob Neville
  • Lat: 45.6492997920747

    Lng: -75.74330002

    Timezone: America/Toronto