East Spillway

Pearl River

Brandon, Mississippi, United States

Pearl River just downstream from the Ross Barnett Reservoir Spillway dam. East side of the Pearl just upstream from where Pelahatchie Creek enters.

Location created by
Abby Braman

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River very high, many fisherman on rankin county side; Madison county side was closed due to high water; water calm, some foam; all gates on the spillway were open

12 Mar 16:55 by LeAnn Nealey

Cold; strong north wind;a few wading birds, vultures; water low; no appreciable rain in 6-8 weeks

30 Oct 09:45 by LeAnn Nealey

Water very low, breezy, no wading birds, some dead fish on bank and dead gar in the water (appear to have been thrown back)

30 Aug 17:20 by LeAnn Nealey

Water very low; hot, a few clouds; a few egrets and herons; exposed logs and debris mid-river

22 Aug 16:40 by LeAnn Nealey

Water very low, exposed sand bars and logs; herons on logs; river very calm; fish feeding on surface

09 Aug 06:15 by LeAnn Nealey

Water low; herons on exposed logs in river; fish feeding; water very smooth; spillway not very open. Full moon, sun not up, bunch of egrets in trees

02 Aug 06:10 by LeAnn Nealey

Water fairly low; no foam. Water very clear; a lot of flying insects, fish feeding on the surface; a few herons , no egrets

26 Jul 06:00 by LeAnn Nealey

Moderately high water; spillway wide open, a lot of waves; numerous egrets and herons on west side of spillway, some in trees

19 Jul 05:55 by LeAnn Nealey

Hot, still. Water average height, water brown but fairly clear (very little sediment)

12 Jul 14:10 by LeAnn Nealey

Water lower, now at normal level; spillway open wide; very few wading birds; minnows around submerged rocks; water clearer than past few weeks

05 Jul 05:50 by LeAnn Nealey