Perch Creek at Doyle Road

Perch Creek

Ontario, Canada

Wider section of Perch Creek, downstream of Perch Lake and a number of ranches. Testing takes place just downstream of the bridge at Doyle Road. This is a roadside site. The water is tested close to a riffle area in the stream.

This site has been tested by trained community scientists since 2015.

Location created by
Couchiching Conservancy

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Very severly flooded, couldn’t get close safely

02 Nov 14:25 by Couchiching Conservancy

Many Caddisfly Larvae, 5 Sculpin (4 small 1 large). 5 adult Monarch Butterflies visiting blooming Milkweed, 3 Monarch Caterpillars on Common Milkweed.

28 Aug 14:01 by Couchiching Conservancy

High water. Looks like watercress growing on site-side of the bridge now.

07 Dec 14:20 by Meagan Coughlin

Chickadees eating seeds on bank. Brush cutting in road allowance, woodchips floating in the water.

26 Oct 15:00 by Meagan Coughlin

Sculpin sighted, many water striders and water boatmen, one water penny beetle. Lots of algae. Goldfinches, turkey vulture, veery and ovenbird heard.

08 Jul 16:10 by Couchiching Conservancy

Lots of seagulls calling today, heard thunder while testing. Likely that a storm front was rolling in while testing today.

16 May 13:30 by Couchiching Conservancy

Extreme flooding, couldn't even get close enough to grab sample. Current very strong. Heard rushing water, beaver dam could be closer than we thought.

20 Apr 18:00 by Couchiching Conservancy

Caddisfly larvae in water. Two crows, one squirrel sighted. Several chickadees heard calling.

28 Nov 14:15 by Couchiching Conservancy

Caddisfly larvae in water. Squirrels heard chattering. Downy woodpecker spotted on dead tree in riparian zone.

16 Nov 13:45 by Couchiching Conservancy

Water striders, snails and caddisfly larvae sighted in water. Squirrel and grouse sighted nearby.

24 Oct 14:30 by Couchiching Conservancy