Off dock, south east area of Lake

Buckshot Lake

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  • Weather - previous 48 hr precipitation n/a - sun & fair weather clouds
    Wind-from SW 225deg - steady @ approx. 10-15 kph
    Waves - 0.13M
    Surface-some shoreline & surface foam (I'm told it's natural - occurs several times/yr) -a few leaves on surface
    Leaves-reds gone, oranges, yellows, & oak green/browns out
    Pines - reds have shed all this yrs browns - whites - this yrs have turned brown but few have shed

    2018-10-12 15:20 EDT by Ed Rohr
  • Weather - Overcast (minimal sunshine) - wind a steady estimated 5-10kph from 0 deg N
    Last 24 hrs 0 precip. 24 - 48 hrs 0.5mm rain
    Leaves - still full leaf - reds in full colour - other colours emerging
    No floating debris, objects, or leaves
    Water still very clear as in all other observations from here
    Trees - red pines & cedars in mid needle fall, white pines yet to start (see photos)
    Common Merganser Ducks - 2 of this year's offspring came by hugging shoreline & heads in water half the time - had no fear of me & passed the dock by about 1 1/2 M making quacking noises - common sight around here. (see photos)

    2018-10-01 15:45 EDT by Ed Rohr
  • Weather
    Sun & cloud
    Wind - steady & light approx. 5 kph from 240 deg SW
    Rain - Last 24hrs 0mm - 24 to 48hrs 5.1mm
    Foliage - reds mostly out, other colours just beginning to turn, yearly pine needle shedding in beginning stages - deciduous still have shed very little

    2018-09-27 15:30 EDT by Ed Rohr
  • Weather
    Light breeze - approx. 3-5 km/h @ NW 335deg
    Last 24hrs - 21C deg hi - 0.2mm rain
    No visible floating objects or debris
    Fish jumping
    Foliage still in full bloom but just starting to loose chlorophyll

    2018-09-13 14:45 EDT by Ed Rohr
  • Weather
    Steady breeze - approx. 15km/h @ 215deg SW
    Last 24 hrs. - no rain - hi 24deg
    Foliage in full summer leaf
    No floating objects or debris

    2018-08-24 15:55 EDT by Ed Rohr
  • Weather
    Sun & Clouds
    Light breeze @ 35deg. N
    Last 24 hrs. - 0.4mm rain between

    2018-07-21 12:00 EDT by Ed Rohr
  • Weather
    Wind - 30deg N, approx 10 kph
    24 hrs ago - total 10.6mm rain - 15 min. violent storm with 8.9mm rain, lightning, & strong wind gusts

    2018-07-03 10:00 EDT by Ed Rohr
  • Weather
    Strong 0deg N wind @ approx. 20kph
    30 hr ago = storm & 5.8mm rain
    Waves - 0.08M
    Readings off south side of dock approx. 13.5M from shore

    2018-06-25 14:15 EDT by Ed Rohr


  • Added by Ed Rohr
  • Description

    Buckshot Lake is located near the NW corner of the Mississippi River watershed.
    The reading site is a relative still area of the lake since the inlet for this uncontrolled lake is at the north-west & outlet at the south-west.
    The lake can get rough when strong winds prevail.
    The reading spot is shallow at approx. 1.3m but varies considerably, sometimes up to 3 to 5 inches (0.075 to 0.125 M) in the couple of days following heavy rains.
    The topography from the dock rises sharply @ a rate of approximately 9M in 24M. Trees are mostly very mature red & white pines, red oak, beech & maple.
    The depth of the lake varies from approx. 9M to 33.5M
    The lake was declared a Lake Trout Sensitive Lake by the OMNR in 2000.

  • Site ID: 44D58'56"N / 77D4'20"W 1121 Butterball Lane, Plevna, ON K0H2M0 County of Frontenac, Township of North Frontenac

    Lat: 44.982558336279475

    Lng: -77.07205295562746

    Timezone: America/Toronto