Picton Harbour at Mouth of Marsh Creek

Picton Harbour on Lake Ontario

Picton, Ontario, Canada

Calm sheltered harbour in Picton where boats are docked and easily accessible from the boardwalk beside the Harbour Inn. The Marsh Creek empties into the bay here from under the roadway. Tests done at the end of the nearest dock on north end of boardwalk. Water fountain in the water nearby not close enough to influence our tests.

Location created by
Don Ross

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Bit overcast and calm with about 10+ Mm rainfall in past 24 hrs. Some seagulls in the air and on the water.

09 Nov 10:40 by Heather Ross

Sunny day with some wispy clouds forming and moderately windy…no rain in past 24 hrs. Some seagulls around and lots of heavy weeds, algae and surface scum in the section that gets no circulation of water once that fountain got removed again earlier this summer. Spoke about our testing with a nice couple visiting the area from Bobcageon and gave them a card to visit the website to learn more.

27 Sep 13:50 by Don Ross

Overcast and raining currently with a bit of rain in past 24 hrs. Some ducks on the water. The fountain that is here that aerates this section of the harbour isn’t working now so more weeds accumulating.

01 Aug 14:00 by Don Ross

Partly cloudy and not too windy. No rain in past 24 hrs. Fountain working in the middle after several years away and water quality appears to appreciate it.

22 Jun 14:00 by Don Ross

Partly cloudy and no rain in past 24 hrs. Single swan swimming in the harbour with some brown cruddy chunks floating on the surface where the culvert enters from under the road. Someone watching us testing was interested to know what it was about so we chatted and gave him some WR info to follow up online.

07 May 11:05 by Don Ross

Overcast with a few sunny breaks. In past 24 hours during heavy thunderstorm activity with strong winds about 28 MM rainfall occurred. Some seagulls around the area today. Water quite murky looking.

06 Apr 10:10 by Heather Ross

Partly cloudy and mild winds, with no rain in past 24 hrs. Few seagulls around and a few suckers or carp splashing around in the tiny bit of water that was in the mucky end of this lagoon. If they’d gone much away from that they’d have been stuck in the muck.

26 Oct 13:50 by Don Ross

Partly cloudy and very wind day, with no rain in past 24 hours. Just a few seagulls around. Lots of heavy weeds and green algae all over the part of the harbour where the water sits low and stagnant along the docks and walkway near the road……very disgusting looking.

06 Sep 13:30 by Don Ross

Sunny with some hazy clouds forming. No rain in past 24 hours. Family of ducks swimming along and some dragonflies around. Lots of heavy weeds and green algae as always found here. The conductivity, which was so extremely high when last tested about a month ago, was back into the normal range again. Tested multiple times in various spots today to ensure it was OK and all readings consistent.

31 Jul 13:35 by Don Ross

Sunny and windy day with no rain in past 24 hours. No wildlife to be seen or heard. So much green algae and disgusting looking stagnant water and heavy brown weeds under the surface. The conductivity was “ Off The Charts “ at 741 and took it multiple times to be sure it wasn’t a mistake…it wasn’t! Have never had such a high reading in the 5+ years we’ve been testing at any location. Will report to Quinte Conservation in case this is something they want to follow up on.

02 Jul 13:35 by Don Ross