Picton Harbour at Mouth of Marsh Creek

Picton Harbour on Lake Ontario

Picton, Ontario, Canada

Calm sheltered harbour in Picton where boats are docked and easily accessible from the boardwalk beside the Harbour Inn. The Marsh Creek empties into the bay here from under the roadway. Tests done at the end of the nearest dock on north end of boardwalk. Water fountain in the water nearby not close enough to influence our tests.

Location created by
Don Ross

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Hazy day with moderate winds and no rain in past 24 hours. Lots of seagulls and ducks sitting out on the thin ice that still remains further out in the harbour. Water appears quite greenish and murky . Very low levels and no flow through the culvert here. A lone fisherman along the shore. Note: Not sure why the conductivity reading was so much higher than normally found here....could be my metre doing something whacky? Took several readings to be sure and all were high so could be correct.

23 Mar 14:30 by Don Ross

Partly cloudy and calm. No rain in past 24 hours. Lots of seagulls flying around and on the water. Harbour where creek enters the culvert under the road is lowest I’ve seen it with mud bottom showing now.

12 Nov 08:20 by Don Ross

Overcast and very windy day but not too choppy on the sheltered harbour here. Few seagulls around and weeds very evident. Spoke with a commercial fisherman who was interested in my testing so gave him some info about Water Rangers and where to learn more on the site.

29 Sep 14:30 by Don Ross

Sunny and partly cloudy with some thunder clouds building in the sky. Lots of weeds and green algae bloom in the water. Many boats in the marina and people around on the docks having lunch....no wildlife to be seen or heard.

24 Aug 13:25 by Don Ross

No rain in past 24 hours. Overcast now with some heavy clouds forming . Fountain turned off in the cove here. Some seagulls flying around. Lots of heavy weeds under the surface of the water.

29 Jun 13:15 by Don Ross

No rain of any measurable amount over past 24 hours. Overcast and calm. Few ducks and seagulls around the harbour, and a fisherman on the docks.

02 Jun 13:30 by Don Ross

Overcast and cool with medium winds. Only few MM rain overnight. Pair of loons fishing on the harbour and some ducks and geese around too.

04 May 15:10 by Don Ross

Small amt of rain overnight....less than 3 MM. Overcast skies. Some seagulls, ducks and hawks in the air . Calm surface .

20 Mar 10:05 by Don Ross

No rain or snow past 24 hours. Partly cloudy and very calm day. Few ducks seen out in the harbour swimming in the water.

20 Nov 11:05 by Heather Ross

Overcast skies and medium winds but harbour is calm. Some weeds seen just below surface and green algae bloom floating on top. Some Canada Geese on the far shore. Aerating fountain is back operating again and weights that had been holding down the docks due to high water levels most of this year are off now.

30 Sep 13:35 by Don Ross