Picton Harbour at Mouth of Marsh Creek

Picton Harbour on Lake Ontario

Picton, Ontario, Canada

Calm sheltered harbour in Picton where boats are docked and easily accessible from the boardwalk beside the Harbour Inn. The Marsh Creek empties into the bay here from under the roadway. Tests done at the end of the nearest dock on north end of boardwalk. Water fountain in the water nearby not close enough to influence our tests.

Location created by
Don Ross

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No rain in past 24 hours and only 4 MM in past few weeks. Sunny and very calm now. Some Canada Geese along the shore. Some small bubbles coming up from under the surface once in a while but no fish or other animals around. Water is cloudy and weedy and green algae prominent.

05 Aug 08:45 by Don Ross

Sunny and mild winds today after fog burned off a few hours ago. 14 MM rainfall in past 24 hours. Lake levels obviously higher than normal as the parking lot beyond docks are partially water filled and entire dock area is weighted down with full barrels to keep them from raising too high to be useful for boaters and pedestrians. Water very murky so could only see half the way to bottom. Took sample home to do phosphate test as temp was not between 15 & 20 C

26 May 11:00 by Don Ross

No rainfall in past 24 hours. Ice off most of the harbour now but some thin ice still around. Lots of seagulls. Overcast & med windy.

03 Apr 10:55 by Don Ross

No rainfall in past 24 hrs. Overcast with medium strong winds. Many seagulls around. Ice is off much of the harbour but sill some thin ice further out.

03 Apr 10:50 by Heather Ross

No rainfall in past 24 hours. Overcast and calm today. Lots of ducks, Canada Geese and seagulls in the harbour and a large fish jumped while I was at the dock testing. Some weeds visible under the surface.

17 Oct 10:30 by Don Ross

About 4 mm rainfall in past 24 hours. Overcast and drizzling right now.Calm winds. Lots of seaweed and some green algae. No wildlife around.

17 Aug 13:05 by Heather Ross

Sunny, hot, humid and calm day with no rainfall past 24 hours and longer. No birds to be seen or heard and few dragonflies over the surface. Lots of heavy weeds under the surface and green algae bloom along the shoreline on surface and where it enters under the roadway from Marsh Creek.

04 Jul 13:35 by Don Ross