Virginiatown Community Park & Boat Launch/Marina

Larder Lake

Ontario, Canada

Easily accessible location beside the boat launch where the picnic table sits . This is close to the eastern most point of Larder Lake where the river flows into the lake from other lakes. This is also where the Kerr Adison mine operated for many decades as one of the largest gold mines in the world at the time of it's peak production. Back then mine tailings were routinely dumped directly into the lake here...fortunately the mine has been closed for a long time.

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Heather Ross

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Sunny and fairly calm day with no rain in past 24 hrs. No wildlife seen or heard at this time.

20 Sep 13:00 by Don Ross

Sunny clear sky after smoke cleared from the area overnight. Some rain in past 24 hrs. Pair of loons on the water and some fishermen out in their boat nearby.

28 Jun 11:05 by Don Ross

Clear sky with just a few clouds , strong westerly winds. Over the past 24 hrs has been a fair bit of rainfall. Some seagulls flying around.

01 Sep 13:25 by Don Ross

Partly cloudy with a lot of rain in past 24 hours. Saw a red fox on the highway near here as I cycled back from testing. Several people fishing tonight and I talked with some and gave them cards about WR. They were hoping to catch bass, trout and pike.

05 Jun 18:40 by Don Ross

Overcast , calm and slight drizzling rain now. Some seagulls around.

24 Oct 13:00 by Don Ross

Overcast and windy with light rain falling off & on. Lots of rain in past 24 hours. No wildlife around other than a few crows.

22 Sep 13:50 by Don Ross

Cloudy and very windy with lots of chop on the water. Some snow & wet snow over past 24 hours.

19 Nov 14:30 by Don Ross

Cloudy, windy and threatening rain with heavy thunderclouds all around. Did get wet towards the end of my ride back to Larder Lake. Rained in previous 24 hours too.

05 Sep 13:30 by Don Ross

No rain in past 24 hrs. Very foggy now and can’t see very far out into the lake. Can hear some loons calling and crows too. Ice is over half off Larder lake at this end.

15 May 10:10 by Heather Ross

Very calm evening and the lake is still. Loon fishing on the water and some seagulls around the beach area.

09 Sep 18:20 by Don Ross