Pelahatchie Creek

Pelahatchie Bay

Brandon, Mississippi, United States

Watercraft launch to the inlets of Pelahatchie Bay and Pelahatchie Creek. Calm water with wetlands. Baypoint Golf Course, fishing, bird watching, boating and other recreational activities. Test from the boat ramp at the Fishing Pier parking lot, not at the Pelahatchie Bay Trading Post.

Location created by
Abby Braman
  • Site ID: PC
  • Lat: 32.3896015
  • Lng: -89.9684572
  • Waterbody Type: Unknown
  • Timezone: America/Chicago

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Observation Tests Summary

pH (0-14)
What's this?
7.0 Latest
6.7 Average
Water Temperature ℃
What's this?
30.0 Latest
28.2 Average
Air Temperature ℃
What's this?
32.0 Latest
28.0 Average
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)
What's this?
4.7 Latest
5.8 Average
Alkalinity (mg/L)
What's this?
40 Latest
34 Average
Turbidity (JTU)
What's this?
30 Latest
34 Average
Hardness (mg/L)
What's this?
20 Latest
29 Average
E.coli per 100mL
What's this?
0 Latest
283 Average
Other Coliform per 100mL
What's this?
967 Latest
1152 Average
Total Coliform per 100mL
What's this?
967 Latest
1434 Average
Incubation Time (hours)
What's this?
42.0 Latest
40.4 Average
Incubation Temperature ℃
What's this?
34.0 Latest
32.5 Average
Dissolved Oxygen (%)
What's this?
66.0 Latest
65.8 Average
River Flow (cfs)
What's this?
0.0 Latest
0.0 Average
River Stage (feet)
What's this?
295.5 Latest
295.7 Average