South Bay Cres Public Boat Launch

Creek leading to South Bay on Lake Ontario

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  • Sunny and windy. About 4 MM rainfall in past 2 hrs. Osprey, red-winged blackbirds and other birds seen and heard. Water very high here now.

    2019-05-17 14:15 EDT by Don Ross
  • Overcast cool and windy rainfall in past 24 hrs. Some ice along the edges but water in the stream flowing and mostly open. No wildlife visible.

    2019-03-24 13:50 EDT by Don Ross
  • Overcast cool and windy with no rainfall in past 24 hours. No signs of birds or other wildlife. Some ice along the edges but water mostly open and flowing.

    2019-03-24 13:50 EDT by Don Ross
  • Overcast, mild and calm winds. No current on the creek at all and no wildlife to be seen or heard. No rain in past 24 hours.

    2018-11-12 13:15 EST by Don Ross
  • No rain in past 24 hours. Overcast now.....creek is very low and not moving at all. Very heavily weeded over. Can hear crickets and birds in the marshes. Didn’t do the Dissolved Oxygen test today.

    2018-09-19 15:45 EDT by Don Ross
  • Only 1 Mm rain in past 24 hours. Bit hazy, overcast and very calm. No current on creek at all. Water bugs and dragonflies , a frog and some birds heard but not seen. Lots of lily pads, weeds and green algae bloom.

    2018-08-16 19:00 EDT by Don Ross
  • No rain in past 24 hours. Sunny with mild breeze and no current on the creek. Weeds heavier than past tests here. Fish jumped, lots of waterbugs, dragonflies and birds heard and seen in the bullrushes mostly. As I was biking away an Osprey flew overhead being chased by blackbirds and delivered a fish meal to their young squawking away atop the hydro pole along the road.

    2018-07-29 14:45 EDT by Don Ross
  • Less than 1 MM rain in past 24 hours....been very dry here in PEC . Overcast today with little wind. Could hear lots of birds in the bullrushes but not seen. Fish jumping, waterbugs, frogs singing. Gentle current flowing in from the lake every 15 mins or so. Spent a half hour chatting with a gentleman who was in hip waders with small net testing here for data about marsh areas for the Federal Govt. and Birds Canada. Tyler Hoar is a well known author of Bird books and he was eager to share all sorts of interesting information with me as we did our tests, & I referred him to our WaterRangers site to see the work being done there. Here is a bio from one of the sites where his birding books can be found.......”TYLER HOAR is an avid naturalist and ornithologist with extensive experience in birding surveys and research across North America. In recent years, he has been involved in bird population studies for the Royal Ontario Museum and the Canadian Wildlife Service in Ontario and Quebec. He has a biology degree from the University of Guelph. When not working, Tyler has travelled extensively through North America, Central America, the South Pacific and Australia while enjoying his passion for birding and nature appreciation. “

    2018-06-24 10:00 EDT by Don Ross
  • 7 mm rainfall in past 24 hours. Water moving slowly along creek into the marsh as it enters South Bay on Lake Ontario. Could hear many swans & geese across the marsh on the lake. Songbirds and crows visible and heard in the trees nearby. Same fly fisherman as I met in Milford earlier was here too checking out the river for sucker activity, of which there is none yet. Spoke with him more about Water Rangers and the testing we do and directed him to the site to learn more.

    2018-03-28 13:35 EDT by Don Ross


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    Boat launch at South Bay Cr near cemetary at 2109 County Road 13. Test done at end of dock on right hand side. Calm water in the small creek leading through the march into South Bay on Lake Ontario. No hazardous conditions here.

  • Lat: 43.918916857752905

    Lng: -77.05220460891725

    Timezone: America/Toronto