Bayou Keegan off Crusaders Dr.

Bayou Keegan - Back Bay Biloxi

Biloxi, Mississippi, United States

This location has an installed Litter Gitter (passive litter removal device) on-site and will prove to be an excellent site to sample for water quality as it is frequently checked for litter on a routine basis. Sampling will occur at the start of the bayou, under the US-110 bridge in Biloxi; a smaller bridge (Crusaders Dr.) also runs over the bayou, slightly upstream from the sampling site. This bayou eventually empties into the Biloxi Back Bay.

Location created by
Beth Baker

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Observations summary

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Observation tests summary

Salinity ppt
1.0 Latest
1.0 Average
Air temperature °C
22.0 Latest
23.5 Average
Water temperature °C
17.0 Latest
20.6 Average
Alkalinity mg/L
210 Latest
210 Average
Hardness mg/L
40 Latest
150 Average
Total coliform ppm
13667 Latest
11183 Average
Total coliform cfu per 100mL
3900 Latest
7757 Average
Incubation temperature °C
37.0 Latest
35.2 Average
E.coli cfu per 100mL
400 Latest
1664 Average
Other coliform cfu per 100mL
3500 Latest
7050 Average
Incubation time (hours)
42.0 Latest
36.5 Average
pH (0-14)
7.0 Latest
7.3 Average
Dissolved oxygen mg/L
3.2 Latest
3.2 Average
Dissolved oxygen %
38.8 Latest
38.8 Average
Turbidity JTU
10 Latest
10 Average
Water depth m
0.4 Latest
0.3 Average