Strong River Bridge

Strong River

Mendenhall, Mississippi, United States

The Strong River is a left-bank tributary of the Pearl River in the Middle Pearl watershed. The Strong flows through and supports a popular water recreation area known as D'Lo Water Park. Handheld coordinates are 32.006561, -89.853657. It's very near Fat Pat's Cove, beneath a concrete bridge on Strong River Road. It lies 4-5 miles north of Mendenhall and west of Hwy 13.

Location created by
Karen Felder
  • Lat: 31.9890779
  • Lng: -89.8688289
  • Waterbody Type: River
  • Timezone: America/Chicago

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Observation tests summary

Water temperature ℃
8.0 Latest
8.0 Average
Air temperature ℃
15.0 Latest
12.5 Average
E.coli per 100mL
33 Latest
150 Average
Other coliform per 100mL
1400 Latest
2750 Average
Total coliform per 100mL
1433 Latest
2900 Average
Incubation time (hours)
40.0 Latest
40.0 Average
Incubation temperature ℃
30.0 Latest
30.0 Average