Turtle Chutes

Kipawa Lake - Turtle Chutes

Quebec, Canada

Location downstream from Turtle Chutes by approximately 305 meters.

Location created by
Christina Moreau

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Maple, Birch and Poplar trees turning fall colors.

Something wrong with pine trees, several seem to be dying.

16 Sep 13:10 by John Stark

Shoreline looks good, no signs of algae, water looks clear, no particles observed.

09 Sep 10:40 by John Stark

Cold NW wind, no boaters no one fishing. Frost warning in effect for this evening.

02 Sep 12:50 by John Stark

Observed 2 small bald eagles this week.

24 Aug 11:30 by John Stark

Observed a golden eagle.

17 Aug 13:15 by John Stark

Lake Kipawa and Lake Audoin water levels close to being the same.

08 Aug 13:50 by John Stark

Lake water much cleaner. No particles observed.

04 Aug 13:45 by John Stark

3 turkey vulchers, sea gulls and 2 ravens.

27 Jul 10:40 by John Stark

No evidence of pollen in water.
Merganser duck with 3 babies in Turtle Bay.

21 Jul 11:30 by John Stark

Pollen particles present

06 Jul 10:15 by John Stark