Turtle Chutes

Kipawa Lake - Turtle Chutes

Quebec, Canada

Location downstream from Turtle Chutes by approximately 305 meters.

Location created by
Christina Moreau

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No signs of blue green algae
Water clear
More canoers today

18 Jul 10:30 by John Stark

Two groups of canoers observed this week, first groups in the area since 2019.
Observed a Bald Eagle on Thursday.

11 Jul 11:40 by John Stark

Water clear no particles

05 Jul 10:05 by John Stark

Water clear this week, have already seen birch and poplar pollen, pine pollen hasn't been seen yet.

19 Jun 09:58 by John Stark

Water level is at June high
Some pollen in the water.
Covid restrictions still in effect, Ontario Quebec border is closed, Canada/US border still closed, very little or no fishing boats on lake due to closures.

13 Jun 12:05 by John Stark

Observed bald eagle.

02 Sep 14:13 by John Stark

Clear water no particles

26 Aug 15:07 by John Stark

No signs of blue algae.

Observed a loon with loonlet.

21 Aug 13:40 by John Stark

Water clear, no suspended particles.
No boat traffic.

13 Aug 10:18 by John Stark

Water clear, no particles.
No boat traffic.

07 Aug 10:45 by John Stark