Turtle Chutes

Kipawa Lake - Turtle Chutes

Quebec, Canada

Location downstream from Turtle Chutes by approximately 305 meters.

Location created by
Christina Moreau

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Water clear, no particles.

27 Jul 12:00 by John Stark

Water looks clear, no suspended particles.

pH is very low, however I don't believe it was an issue with the meter as other locations tested the same day had pH values of 6.2.

23 Jul 13:45 by John Stark

Water looks clear no suspended particles present at this location.

15 Jul 10:04 by John Stark

Pollen particles in water, on top and suspended.

08 Jul 11:00 by John Stark

Very calm, some pollen still present in the water.

02 Jul 10:00 by John Stark

Pollen has arrived and is covering the shoreline, lots of pollen suspended in the water.

25 Jun 10:06 by John Stark

Starting to see pollen particles suspended in the water.
5 to 6 inch ripple on water's surface
3 loons observed
water level higher than normal for June.

17 Jun 10:30 by John Stark

Water looks clear, no pollen from trees yet. Fishing camps to open partially soon. Had a good secchi reading because of cloud cover.

07 Jun 10:30 by John Stark

pH seems fairly low (acidic)

No signs of fishing boats because of covid-19 local lodges (Alwaki and Kipawa Lodge) are currently closed.

Water clear, no particles observed.

Chop was high so difficult to get a secchi disc reading.

28 May 13:30 by John Stark

Neighbour at Turtle Camp reported seeing Blue-Green Algae in Grants Narrows on Lac Audoin (Grants Narrows) on September 16th

25 Sep 10:15 by John Stark