Black River marsh outlet from stream

Black Creek ( River )

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    Ice Off2019-03-23
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  • Overcast and calm at the moment. Have had extensive rain fall over past 2 weeks ( 118.6 MM total from Apr 26th to May 14th ) Marsh flooded more than usual and much more than when first tested this spring. White swan pair flew in while I tested, Canada Geese, ducks and red-winged blackbirds around. Fairly good current of water flowing under the culvert from other side to where we test on the east side of the roadway.

    2019-05-14 19:13 EDT by Don Ross
  • Sunny and windy day. No rainfall in past 24 hrs. Swans and blackbirds in the marsh and on the river. Water flowing quite strongly through the culvert from the other side under the road.

    2019-03-23 14:50 EDT by Don Ross
  • Overcast, cool ( + 4 or 5 ) and windy day with less than 2 MM rainfall in past 24 hrs. This location being tested is at the end of a stream that collects water from a wide region of farmland & forest to the west and here it enters the marsh area of the Black River which then flows eventually into Lake Ontario. Pair of white swans on the river.

    2019-03-22 14:50 EDT by Don Ross


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    Seasonal stream ( spring & fall mostly ) flowing from west under County Rd 10 near Chapmans Cres into the marsh of the Black River which then flows eventually downstream into Lake Ontario . Test location is beside the culvert on the east side of the road which can be accessed easily by walking down the small embankment.

  • Lat: 43.93039988160069

    Lng: -77.08705186843873

    Timezone: America/Toronto