McGee Creek at Centennial Park Road

McGee Creek

Ontario, Canada

A wide, slow-moving section of McGee Creek before it flows into Canal Lake. Testing site is down the bank from Centennial Park Road, just beside the bridge over the creek.

Location created by
Meagan Coughlin

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Site and significant stretch up and downstream completely frozen over. Water level is high, significant floodplain visible and also frozen over.

07 Dec 14:00 by Meagan Coughlin

Cool, rainy previous day. Rained during testing. Milkweed pods have opened completely.

26 Oct 15:50 by Meagan Coughlin

Unseasonably cool, light rain previous day. Milkweed pods are opening. Nuthatch heard calling. Rabbit scat on bank.

01 Oct 12:30 by Meagan Coughlin

Heavy rain in the past 48 hours. Damselflies, great spangled fritillary, monarch, cabbage white and clouded sulphur butterflies all sighted. Milkweed, pincherries and thistle growing on stream bank. Crow and goldfinches heard calling.

24 Aug 11:00 by Meagan Coughlin

Testing was carried out with a LaMotte Environmental Educator kit. Emerald Shiners and Blacknose Dace were sighted swimming near the test site. A pair of Northern Rough-winged Swallows were seen nesting under the bridge and carrying food to their hatchlings during testing. Several green frogs were heard calling along the bank during testing as well.

08 Jul 17:15 by Meagan Coughlin

Testing carried out using a LaMotte Environmental Educator field kit. Several Emerald Shiners were seen swimming near the site. A Great Blue Heron was also seen flying overhead during testing.

09 Jun 17:00 by Meagan Coughlin