Kan Centre Pond

Dug pond

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  • Sunny & mild winds with no rainfall in past 24 hrs. Did testing with the KAN Centre children for enrichment day. Found frog eggs, dragonfly nymph, tad poles, water skitters, and many birds around.

    2019-05-09 10:30 ADT by Don Ross
  • raining,windy,cold,saw mouse

    2018-10-11 09:45 ADT by Jenna Ross
  • No rainfall in past 24 hours other than few mins of spitting rain a short time ago. Thunderstorm activity expected soon, overcast now but still partly sunny and calm winds, Tested with some of the KAN students and teacher who did this in the spring when we were here and 2 summer student leaders. Noticed brown algae bloom on water surface and heavy weeds below, dragonflies, Damsel bugs, mosquitoes, green frogs, and minnows.

    2018-07-10 11:25 ADT by Don Ross
  • frogs, tadpoles, green pollen on water surface, water bugs, spiders, blackflies, younger class of students learning about citizen water science. Overcast, warm, calm, no rain past 24 hours,

    2018-05-15 11:45 ADT by Jenna Ross


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  • Description

    Pond on the South Knowlesville Community Landtrust, behind the KAN Centre on the path out to the garden field.

  • Lat: 46.42237232981678

    Lng: -67.35790729522706

    Timezone: America/Moncton