Little Bluff Conservation Area

Lake Ontario

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    • No rain in past 24 hrs. Calm winds & foggy now. Loons, seagulls, assorted songbirds, squirrels. Slightly greenish tinge to the water today.

      2019-04-17 11:00 EDT by Don Ross
    • No rain in past 24 hours. Calm winds and foggy....just beginning to burn off over the lake and shore. Loons swimming in the lake. Robins, songbirds , seagulls, squirrels around. Water has slightly greenish/blue tinge today.

      2019-04-17 10:50 EDT by Heather Ross
    • No rainfall in past 24 hours. Cold biting wind and icicles hanging off the cliffs. Very shallow water. No wildlife to be seen or heard.

      2018-11-14 11:40 EST by Heather Ross
    • No rain past 24 hours. Overcast and moderate winds, but lake had some wave action happening. Green algae slime on the rocks under the water...shoreline is further out at this time than previously. DIdn’t do the Dissolved Oxygen test today.

      2018-09-19 15:20 EDT by Don Ross
    • No rainfall in past 24 hours, Sunny and calm winds and water. Single loon fishing offshore. Some monarch butterflies, dragonflies and small black spotted water snakes. Bit of green algae on the rocks near shore just under the surface.

      2018-07-29 13:55 EDT by Heather Ross
    • Minimum rainfall in past 24 hrs...less than 1 MM...and very little moisture over the past weeks. Overcast with little winds...gentle waves coming ashore. Few seagulls around and some red-winged blackbirds in the marsh pond area behind the beach.

      2018-06-24 10:50 EDT by Don Ross
    • No rainfall in past 24 hours. Sunny and fairly calm day. Saw a coyote or coy-wolf walking along the roadway as we walked the trails in the conservation area . Unfortunately, as always, lots of trash too, left behind by brain-dead humans. Picked up enough pop & beer cans & bottle to fill several bags. Ducks seen along the lakeshore and just tiniest bit of ice still on the beach.

      2018-03-31 11:10 EDT by Heather Ross
    • Sunny with mild winds and gentle waves on the lake. Some ducks on the water and chickadees up in the woods where the trails are. Reported when I got home to Quinte Conservation about the large amts of garbage in bags left at the parking area. Picked up some cans and bottles for recycling but not able to deal with all the garbage. ( See report )

      2017-11-27 23:45 EST by Don Ross
    • Sunny, calm and warm day with some haze over the lake. 1 boat moored offshore and some people visiting the conservation area for walks. Spoke to one person who asked what we were going to do with our equipment....thought we were going fishing . Many flying insects and spiders, a single brown toad on path down to water, and lone seagull over lake. Green algae on rocks under surface and on rocks where the levels had been higher. Still many driftwood wigwams along shore that people have built over the summer.

      2017-09-16 10:45 EDT by Heather Ross
    • Calm and sunny warm day with very still and clear water. Lake level has receeded since last time here. Still tons of driftwood piled along upper shoreline, which people have been creating artistic shapes, teepees, dinosaurs, etc. Sailboats anchored offshore and some tourists exploring the beach and trails. Took photos of large water snake swimming close to shore with something in it's mouth.

      2017-07-20 09:55 EDT by Heather Ross


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      Wide open Lake Ontario with rocky shoreline below a high bluff. Calm waters this morning.

    • Lat: 43.93488121412006

      Lng: -76.9893765449524

      Timezone: America/Toronto