West end of Hamlet of Milford at furthest west end of Millpond

Milford Millpond

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  • Overcast & calm with lots of water flowing over the falls and into the millpond. 3 white swans and many songbirds to be heard. Only 1 MM rain over past 24 hrs.

    2019-05-15 09:10 EDT by Don Ross
  • Overcast, off & on lightly spitting rain. Calm winds. 1 MM rain fall in past 24 hrs. Water flowing heavily over the waterfalls and moving fast under the bridge into millpond. 3 white swans on the pond and lots of birds singing.

    2019-05-15 09:10 EDT by Heather Ross
  • Gorgeous sunny day, bit cool with med winds. 3 cm of snow overnight but melted away now. Hawk soaring overhead looking for a meal. Waterfalls roaring up at the top of the hill and strong current along the river, under bridge and into millpond. Ice off maybe 50% of the ponds total length. Spoke at length about water rangers testing with a neighbour walking by who may consider one of our lending kits to bring kayaking when her and her biologist husband go out in summer.

    2019-04-01 13:45 EDT by Don Ross
  • Had about 4 mm of rain/wet snow in past 24 hours. Overcast today and calm. Waterfalls and creek running well the past month so good flow into the pond.

    2018-11-17 14:30 EST by Don Ross
  • About 50 mm rainfall over past 48 hours, yet the river and waterfalls that feed the millpond still have no water flowing over them. Here where we test there is not much flow, with weeds and surface algae bloom. Quite a few geese flocking together on the pond as usual.

    2018-09-26 16:45 EDT by Don Ross
  • Just 1 MM rain in past 24 hours, Hazy, overcast and calm .No flow to the water. Some birds heard and seen, but not many. Pair of white swans further up the millpond. Waterfalls dry and lots of heavy weeds and green algae. Picked up a few pop cans and recycled them.

    2018-08-16 19:45 EDT by Don Ross
  • Just under 6 mm rainfall in past 24 hours.....sunny and calm winds this morning. Some water bugs on the surface along with green algae bloom. Some small birds around. Waterfalls still flowing but not very heavily at all now. Picked up beer can & bottle to recycle.

    2018-06-25 09:55 EDT by Don Ross
  • No rainfall in past 24 hours, Sunny, warm and calm winds. Waterfalls can be heard running but not as loud or hard. Some gentle flow from the river emptying into the pond under the bridge here. No signs of wildlife close by. Some plastic bottles and trash around but on my bike so will have to get later to recycle.

    2018-05-25 15:10 EDT by Don Ross
  • Wet snow during past 24 hours and currently falling lightly...about 3 cm on the ground. Ice off in the test area and river feeding into the pond from the waterfalls, which have been flowing strongly for most of the past few months. Water is crystal clear now and I can see 6 dead frogs at the bottom of the pond where we do our tests.

    2018-03-14 13:15 EDT by Don Ross
  • Ice covering much of the millpond still but open water at our test site under the bridge where water flows from river below waterfalls.

    2018-02-26 09:00 EST by Don Ross


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    Waterfalls feed into this end of the Millpond at most times of the year other than in summer dry spells. Spring and fall are when they are running well. Will be taking regular readings from the east side of the bridge. Water from this millpond flows over the damn at the eastern end of the pond into the Black River which then flows out eventually on a long winding path into Lake Ontario .

  • Lat: 43.93556111092934

    Lng: -77.10215806961061

    Timezone: America/Toronto