Near the stream that comes from Lac Girard

Lac McGlashan

Val Des Monts, Quebec, Canada

Location created by
Kat Kavanagh
  • Site ID: VDM-003
  • Lat: 45.6502
  • Lng: -75.7452
  • Waterbody Type: Unknown
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Loon cleaning itself nearby. Wind has picked up, overcast. Leaves are at their peak beauty!

27 Sep 11:45 by Kat Kavanagh

Sunny and clear. Slight breeze. Lots of rain yesterday

30 Aug 16:19 by Kat Kavanagh

Hot and muggy. Rain earlier today

27 Jul 14:47 by Kat Kavanagh

Muggy. Low water flow

28 Jun 10:42 by Kat Kavanagh

Windy and cool

31 May 10:44 by Kat Kavanagh

Black flies are swarming. Pollen in the water! Rained lightly 2 hours before testing.

25 May 17:15 by Ollie Kavanagh

Clear sky with a few wispy clouds. Crisp and cool. Lots of mist coming off the lake.

09 Sep 07:38 by Ollie Kavanagh

Stream is no longer flowing. Very windy today. Sunny with clouds

21 Jul 15:11 by Kat Kavanagh

Mallard duck. Beautiful fluffy snow, light snow falling. Opening from stream out quite far!

10 Feb 13:01 by Kat Kavanagh

Overcast cool day. Not much wind.

24 Nov 09:42 by Kat Kavanagh