Near the stream that comes from Lac Girard

Lac McGlashan

Val Des Monts, Quebec, Canada

Location created by
Kat Kavanagh
  • Site ID: VDM-003
  • Lat: 45.6502
  • Lng: -75.7452
  • Waterbody Type: Unknown
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Ice finally melted around the shores! Still some snow in the woods, but around the lake it's clear now.

2016-04-23 21:15 EDT by Kat Kavanagh

Pre snowfall shoreline

2015-12-05 05:21 EST by Kat Kavanagh

Nice fall day!

2015-09-14 11:56 EDT by Kat Kavanagh

Gonna be another hot one!

2015-09-04 06:52 EDT by Kat Kavanagh

Another hot day!

2015-08-17 10:30 EDT by Kat Kavanagh

It got really hot! Saw a cute grasshopper + leopard frog.

2015-08-16 11:25 EDT by Kat Kavanagh

It was a large garter snake, leopard frogs and a green frog. Also saw sunfish and minnows

2015-08-16 06:01 EDT by Ollie Kavanagh

Cottage weekend with friends and dogs over to enjoy the lake.

Saw a snake, and some frogs.

2015-08-16 05:29 EDT by Kat Kavanagh