West end of Hamlet of Milford at furthest west end of Millpond : Milford Millpond

Observation Report



  • Bird
  • pH(0-14)7.8
  • Dissolved Oxygen(mg/L)7.0
  • Secchi Depth(m)bottom visible
  • Hardness(mg/L)350.0
  • Alkalinity(mg/L)210.0
  • Water Depth(m)1.25
  • Conductivity(uS/cm)365.0
  • Air Temperature13.0
  • Water Temperature8.7
  • Phosphates total(mg/L)3.0


Overcast & calm with lots of water flowing over the falls and into the millpond. 3 white swans and many songbirds to be heard. Only 1 MM rain over past 24 hrs.