Black River marsh outlet from stream : Black Creek ( River )

Observation Report



  • Plant
  • Bird
  • pH(0-14)8.4
  • Dissolved Oxygen(mg/L)8.0
  • Secchi Depth(m)bottom visible
  • Hardness(mg/L)350.0
  • Alkalinity(mg/L)150.0
  • Water Depth(m)1.0
  • Conductivity(uS/cm)325.0
  • Air Temperature12.0
  • Water Temperature9.4
  • Phosphates total(mg/L)3.0


Overcast and calm at the moment. Have had extensive rain fall over past 2 weeks ( 118.6 MM total from Apr 26th to May 14th ) Marsh flooded more than usual and much more than when first tested this spring. White swan pair flew in while I tested, Canada Geese, ducks and red-winged blackbirds around. Fairly good current of water flowing under the culvert from other side to where we test on the east side of the roadway.