O'Keeffe property (3861 County Rd 1E, RR2, Yarker) : Napanee River (between Yarker and Camden East)

Observation Report



  • Mammal
  • 7.5pH(0-14)
  • 23.4Water Temperature
  • 31.0Air Temperature
  • 7.0Dissolved Oxygen(mg/L)
  • 285Conductivity(uS/cm)
  • 100Alkalinity(mg/L)
  • 200Hardness(mg/L)
  • 1.9Water Depth(m)


A doe with a very small fawn (few weeks old) were enjoying the meadow grasses by the river last evening at dusk.

Hot, humid day, high winds, and LOTS of storm activity coming our way from the Toronto region.