Pipestone Creek, northeast shore, between Moosomin Reservoir and Saskatchewan-Manitoba border

Pipestone Creek

Saskatchewan, Canada

Fairly shallow creek bed with eroded clay and silt banks eroding into upper Cretaceous Shale bedrock. some stones and boulders. Meandering Creek within incised glacial outwash channel.

Location created by
Clint and Jody Blyth

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medium high flow rate dropped 1.2m recently. high sediment load. nityatre <1, phosphate <.05. Significant agricultural drainage runoff and resultant stream bank erosion occurring.

24 Apr 10:43 by Clint and Jody Blyth

controlled release from Moosomin reservoir ~1m3/sec

04 Oct 16:40 by Clint and Jody Blyth

no flow from Moosomin reservoir upstream. Minor trickle of spring fed base flow. please restore wetlands

07 Sep 11:00 by Clint and Jody Blyth

a water release from the bottom outlet of Moosomin reservoir commenced on July 25th. the flow rate at the station 05ng024 at the sask man border increased from .05m3/s to 0.8m3/s.

30 Jul 09:47 by Clint and Jody Blyth

creek flow is low for this time of year

01 Jul 17:21 by Clint and Jody Blyth

water slightly cloudy. Discharge 1.46m3/sec at downstream at sask/man border environment Canada gauge station. nitrate measurement < 1.

01 Nov 08:34 by Clint and Jody Blyth

See water flow comments above. water colour slightly cloudy brown. No trespassing was committed in the making of this report, Scott!

Nitrate level was less than one but greater than zero

29 Aug 10:45 by Clint and Jody Blyth

water is getting clearer with less algae flush from upstream. now tea coloured. local ag drainage water still running. nitrate was less than 1 on standard colour chart but still a hint of colour.

02 Aug 11:19 by Clint and Jody Blyth

Water high and muddy flow 30m3/sec. close to bank full in some locations. 12km downstream at environment canada station 05ng024.

27 Jun 10:26 by Clint and Jody Blyth

7.9m3/sec stream flow rate as measured ~12km downstream at environment canada Pipestone Creek, Manitoba Saskatchewan border gauge station. water colour cloudy brown.

28 May 14:30 by Clint and Jody Blyth