Blenkinsop Creek: Above Swan Lake

Swan Creek

Esquimalt, British Columbia, Canada

Location created by
John Coates

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call of Bald Eagles nesting close by

27 May 14:10 by John Coates

4 mallards dabbling in water and 2 canadian geese waddling in adjacent field.

26 Mar 16:30 by John Coates

Raccoon foot 'action' on muddy shore

29 Dec 13:05 by John Coates

1" stickleback

22 Aug 15:15 by John Coates

raccoon footprints in yesterday's fresh shoreline mud.

25 Jul 16:40 by John Coates

Family of Canadian Geese bathing/preening in water pool below testing site.

25 Jun 13:15 by John Coates

June 22/23 Corrected this day's TDS figure from 5.04 to read 504 ppm .... THANKS to Jonas Pestieau for identifying this! It was simply my transposition of numbers >>> not a concerning field issue.

26 May 16:25 by John Coates

2 Mallards paddled around as a Jogger slowed to ask "Can we Drink It?!!" ... I forget my answer ... but he was happy with it!!

23 Mar 15:40 by John Coates

mild flooding of creek area encouraged a pair of mallards to cruise the scene.

29 Dec 11:25 by John Coates

Leaves are falling fairly quickly with this light rain and the long dry Indian summer. The leaves are collecting at the riffle heads which raises the water levels behind >> looks healthy.

25 Oct 14:40 by John Coates