Art's Riffle

Swan Creek

Esquimalt, British Columbia, Canada

At the constructed riffle just downstream of Daisy Ave.

Location created by
Roxanne van Velzen

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Melting snow & rain have raised the creek level & flow dramatically.

28 Dec 10:10 by John Coates

Enough rain last week allowed some Coho/ Cutthroat spawners to migrate up the riffles and use gravel beds that we've introduced to the Creek.

01 Dec 13:00 by John Coates

week#5 of 5in30 Fall Flush

24 Nov 14:20 by John Coates

#4 of 5in30 Fall Flush readings. Water volume entering the Colquitz R. from Swan Cr. is not adequate to encourage spawning Coho or Cutthroat up into the watershed.

17 Nov 14:00 by John Coates

#3 sample of 5in30 Fall flush > no rain for 2 days > lower water levels > No New visible action in gravel Nor
signs of Redds >> NO FISH sighted

10 Nov 16:05 by John Coates

Week#2 of 5in30 Fall Flush

04 Nov 11:15 by John Coates

Week #1 of 5in30 Flush readings. Past week has seen steady intermittent rainfalls plus mild 'atmospheric river' yesterday. Water levels & flow have increased at a healthy rate. Riffles look 'happy' again for the season!

31 Oct 12:50 by John Coates

First precipitation finally came 4 days ago so the water levels have begun to gently rise in the riffles.

25 Oct 12:15 by John Coates

Anecdote from passerby today about the Creek when he was a kid (late 1940's -early '50's) >> He use to haul in all the crayfish he could catch, then stomp on them on the road to kill them! >> He thought they were eating the trout that he was fishing for >> then he found out ... you could eat them and were really good tasting!!

25 Sep 10:05 by John Coates

Week #5 of 5 in 30 Low Flow testing
Shaded cool Creek temperatures are benefitting from Planted trees/shrubs on riparian shores

11 Sep 11:15 by John Coates