Art's Riffle

Swan Creek

Esquimalt, British Columbia, Canada

At the constructed riffle just downstream of Daisy Ave.

Location created by
Roxanne van Velzen

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Week #5 of 5 in 30 Low Flow testing
Shaded cool Creek temperatures are benefitting from Planted trees/shrubs on riparian shores

11 Sep 11:15 by John Coates

Week #4 LowFlow 5 in 30 >2022

07 Sep 11:25 by John Coates

Week 3 of 5in30 LowFlow
yesterday cloudy and cooler to bring temps down by atleast 3c

28 Aug 10:30 by John Coates

First day of Summer 'Low Flow' 5in30 testing at this 'site 3' ...
also nice to see 2-3" fry active in the 'pool' above this low water riffle.
Tree/shrub shading definitely aids in keeping H2O temp cooler on these Hot 20-25C days.
Note that historically we sampled in the late afternoon >> so temps. might be slightly lower
on these

14 Aug 12:05 by John Coates

photos show seasonal HIGH water levels .

13 Dec 10:35 by John Coates

week#4 LowFlow 5 in 30 > 2019

28 Aug 17:50 by John Coates

week #3 of 5in30 LowFlow

21 Aug 18:20 by John Coates

week#2 of lowflow 5in30

14 Aug 17:50 by John Coates

week #1 5in30 Lowflow

08 Aug 18:20 by John Coates

approaching highest seasonal water levels then to typical seasonal flow

16 Jan 02:00 by John Coates