Rideau Ferry Marina

Big Rideau Lake

Ontario, Canada

Location created by
Doris Albert

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D.O. percentage reading of 8% removed by admin

28 Aug 12:08 by Doris Albert

Sunny hot day

29 May 13:56 by Cindy Laprade

Cloudy, windy , hot

Water depth edited from 85 to 0.85 meters by admin

26 May 16:01 by Doris Albert

lily pads and lots of weeds. Bottom has considerable amount of silt.

27 Sep 17:50 by Steve Nichol

lots of lilly pads and weed growth

26 Jul 14:25 by Steve Nichol

Calm sunny. Total chlorine.5

25 Aug 12:00 by Doris Albert

The Rideau Ferry Marina
Total chlorine 1
Hot sunny, windy x2 days
E-coli test done

27 Jul 16:04 by Doris Albert

Phosphate test done

27 May 16:35 by Doris Albert

Total chlorine.5
Just after heavy rain
Sunny breaks , light winds
Testing for e-coli

D.O. percentage reading of 8% removed by admin

02 Sep 17:00 by Doris Albert

Sunny warm evening, light winds
Some lily pads
Total chlorine is 0.5

19 Aug 19:17 by Doris Albert