Anglin Lake

Anglin Lake, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan, Canada

This is the central portion of the lake, which is comprised of three main parts. This is a location of water that is not moving. The sampling location is just off the shore.

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Lin Gallagher

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Anglin Lake water levels have been lowered for the fall to allow repairs to a dam. I was unable to take a secchi depth as the water level is too low at my regular sampling location. I also noted that the conductivity is much lower than in the past. Not sure if the unit is working or this is a result of the water depth changes.

28 Oct 13:26 by Lin Gallagher

I was closer to shore for this test as the dock has been pulled in.

29 Oct 14:16 by Lin Gallagher

Last week we caught a large number of clam shrimp, we have not noted them in such high numbers before. Very interesting.

26 Jul 19:46 by Lin Gallagher

It has been very hot these last few days and I noted an algae bloom that could be blue green algae.

27 Jun 10:54 by Lin Gallagher