Big Creek at Bridge

Big Creek

Ontario, Canada

This site is just beside (upstream side) from a newly constructed replacement bridge on a busy rural 2-lane road. This location is very popular with anglers (Trout, muskie, etc.) as the water moves quickly over rocks/stones that may have been left when the first bridge was constructed in the 1960's.
Trees line the creek.

Location created by
Paula Jongerden
  • Site ID: BCB
  • Lat: 42.7744401
  • Lng: -80.4999161
  • Waterbody Type: Creek
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Observation tests summary

Alkalinity (mg/L)
200 Latest
177 Average
Water Depth (m)
0.4 Latest
0.4 Average
Chlorine (ppm)
0.0 Latest
0.0 Average
Conductivity (uS/cm)
630 Latest
585 Average
Water temperature ℃
15.2 Latest
18.2 Average
Hardness (mg/L)
300 Latest
267 Average
Dissolved oxygen (mg/L)
9.0 Latest
8.8 Average
pH (0-14)
7.8 Latest
7.9 Average
Air temperature ℃
13.8 Latest
20.5 Average
Secchi depth (m)
0.4 Latest
0.2 Average