Leaking Gas Well drainage plume from marsh

Big Creek

Ontario, Canada

Water drainage from nearby wetland into creek. Water milky in appearance (milkiness varies with intensity of leak from well due to fluctuating pressure below ground and release of Hydrogen Sulphide) - becomes less milky with dilution by creek water flow. Samples taken at outlet - where slow moving wetland discharge enters creek.
Site of leaking gas well has monitor which is supposed to alarm if dangerous levels exist.

Location created by
Paula Jongerden
  • Site ID: H2S
  • Lat: 42.7696517
  • Lng: -80.4975557
  • Waterbody Type: Creek
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Observation tests summary

Alkalinity (mg/L)
180 Latest
168 Average
Water Depth (m)
0.1 Latest
0.3 Average
Chlorine (ppm)
0.0 Latest
0.0 Average
Conductivity (uS/cm)
1239 Latest
1244 Average
Water temperature ℃
27.1 Latest
22.9 Average
Hardness (mg/L)
400 Latest
380 Average
Dissolved oxygen (mg/L)
4.0 Latest
4.4 Average
pH (0-14)
7.5 Latest
7.6 Average
Air temperature ℃
27.0 Latest
22.7 Average
Secchi depth (m)
0.0 Latest
0.2 Average