22nd Street Footbridge

Wagg Creek

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

**THis location is now RETIRED.*** Instead, sampling will take place at the Chesterfield Culvert location as it is UPSTREAM of the input of the 22nd St Stormwater Outfall.

Location created by
Carolynne Robertson

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Observations summary

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Observation tests summary

Water temperature °C
13.6 Latest
12.5 Average
Conductivity μS/cm
357 Latest
385 Average
Air temperature °C
15.2 Latest
13.9 Average
Alkalinity mg/L
60 Latest
76 Average
Hardness mg/L
100 Latest
40 Average
Chlorine ppm
0.0 Latest
0.5 Average
pH (0-14)
7.0 Latest
7.3 Average
Water depth m
0.2 Latest
0.2 Average