Near mouth

Mississippi River

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Location created by
Pat Tait
  • Lat: 45.4377912
  • Lng: -76.2804794
  • Waterbody Type: River
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Bubbly, yellow-green colour, thick algae. Similar to that in handbook seen a few years ago in same area - but not as bad.

28 Aug 17:20 by Pat Tait

Two fishing boats right at testing area.

24 Jul 10:20 by Pat Tait

Water very clear Today (Rare). One boater, cormorant seen,

26 Sep 12:33 by Pat Tait

First time in all my years doing this that I saw cormorants on this stretch of the Mississippi nesting and fishing.

26 Jul 09:41 by Pat Tait

Wind has died down and sun is out. A lot of cormorants. No osprey. Heard loons. The delta area seems to be getting bigger. Marsh is thick.

26 Aug 11:30 by Pat Tait

No bugs, breezy and no one on the water

29 Jul 14:55 by Pat Tait

Weather cloudy with sunny periods. Windy. Two osprey nests visible but no sighting of osprey. Saw heron and a kayaker as well as turtle. The delta weeds are just breaking through the surface of the water. Not too thick yet. Water was surprisingly warm for so early in the year.

27 May 13:19 by Pat Tait

People onshore enjoying the warm fall day. Boaters in area. Deadheads visible. No wind, no clouds, very still and hot.

24 Sep 17:25 by Pat Tait

There is a lot more Purple Loosestrife this year in comparison to the past 2 years although blooms are just about finished.
Osprey stand visible - no Osprey in sight.
Two boats with fishermen. Children playing at shoreline.

26 Aug 18:49 by Pat Tait

No wildlife to see which is odd at this time of year. Very few gulls.

01 Jul 15:00 by Pat Tait