Montgomery Shore

Mississippi Lake

Ontario, Canada

West of centre of First Lake between Montgomery Shore and large rice patch. Water is typically still, while the water flow from Second Lake to the Mississippi River (Carleton Place is east of the centre of First Lake.

Location created by
Graham & Mary Whitelaw
  • Lat: 45.1195715
  • Lng: -76.1802292
  • Waterbody Type: Unknown
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Observation Tests Summary

pH (0-14)
What's this?
8.3 Latest
8.4 Average
Water Temperature ℃
What's this?
15.0 Latest
21.9 Average
Air Temperature ℃
What's this?
18.0 Latest
22.3 Average
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)
What's this?
8.0 Latest
8.7 Average
Secchi Depth (m)
What's this?
0.0 Latest
0.0 Average
Conductivity (uS/cm)
What's this?
167 Latest
162 Average
Alkalinity (mg/L)
What's this?
80 Latest
62 Average
Hardness (mg/L)
What's this?
0 Latest
0 Average
Water Depth (m)
What's this?
1.8 Latest
1.8 Average
Chlorine (ppm)
What's this?
0.0 Latest
0.0 Average