D'Lo Water Park

Strong River

D Lo, Mississippi, United States

D'Lo Water Park

Location created by
Abby Braman

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low summer flow, local drought conditions with no rain, river stage gauge downstream ca. 300 feet at Hwy 149.

31 Aug 12:00 by Will McDearman

low summer flow and stage. No rain. Unusually trashy along river bank, cans, food wrappers, clothing, diapers -- park usually clean and any litter picked up with disposal.

23 Aug 10:30 by Will McDearman

low summer flow, weather hot and dry with no rain last 2 weeks.

16 Aug 08:55 by Will McDearman

River at a low summer flow, no recent rain. River clear, not silty, muddy or turbid.

27 Jul 08:00 by Will McDearman

low flow

01 Jun 12:10 by Will McDearman

Heat Advisory

07 Jul 17:21 by Karen Felder

River turbid.

10 Mar 14:30 by Will McDearman

River dropping from earlier higher stage at 6.5' on Feb 5. Lots of foamy white bubbles. Cold. No water odor. Test site about 30 feet upstream of upstream edge of boat ramp in river current and out of large eddy at upstream edge of boat ramp.

09 Feb 09:20 by Will McDearman

Red Advisory

29 Dec 15:25 by Karen Felder

Red Advisory Consumption of or contact with water contaminated with feces of warm-blooded animals can cause a variety of illnesses. Minor gastrointestinal discomfort is probably the most common symptom; however, pathogens that may cause only minor sickness in some people may cause serious conditions or death in others, especially in the very young, old, or those with weakened immunological systems.

19 Aug 12:10 by Karen Felder