OKeeffe_Test Site 1

Agricutural/Livestock runoff point and onward into the Napanee River

Observations Summary

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  • Actual water temperature recorded, however, the strip test was done at room temperature.

    Sunny, clear sky and first day of sun after a week of heavy rains throughout Ontario and this region.

    No sign of horses at this time.

    Winds from the North.

    2019-04-28 12:30 EDT by Lawrence O'Keeffe


  • Added by Lawrence O'Keeffe
  • Description

    This is an area of significant livestock runoff, especially during the Spring runoff and after major rainfalls.

    Testing for phosphorous at this site.

  • Lat: 44.36055584009761

    Lng: -76.77773952484132

    Timezone: America/Toronto