Eubanks Creek

Eubanks Creek

Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Slow moving creek that drains to the Pearl River. Sample location is downstream from a sewer main.

Location created by
Abby Braman
  • Site ID: EC
  • Lat: 32.3295157
  • Lng: -90.1540875
  • Waterbody Type: Unknown
  • Timezone: America/Chicago

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Observation Tests Summary

Water Temperature ℃
What's this?
16.0 Latest
15.5 Average
Air Temperature ℃
What's this?
18.0 Latest
18.5 Average
E.coli per 100mL
What's this?
2633 Latest
1400 Average
Other Coliform per 100mL
What's this?
25000 Latest
14867 Average
Total Coliform per 100mL
What's this?
27633 Latest
16266 Average
Incubation Time (hours)
What's this?
37.0 Latest
33.5 Average
Incubation Temperature ℃
What's this?
32.0 Latest
32.0 Average