Mid south end of Buckshot Lake

Buckshot Lake

Ontario, Canada

Buckshot Lake is located near the NW corner of the Mississippi River watershed.
The reading site is a relative still area of the lake since the inlet for this uncontrolled lake is at the north-west & outlet at the south-west.
The lake can get rough when strong winds prevail.
The reading spot is shallow at approx. 1.3m but varies considerably, sometimes up to 3 to 5 inches (0.075 to 0.125 M) in the couple of days following heavy rains.
The topography from the dock rises sharply @ a rate of approximately 9M in 24M. Trees are mostly very mature red & white pines, red oak, beech & maple.
The depth of the lake varies from approx. 9M to 33.5M
The lake was declared a Lake Trout Sensitive Lake by the OMNR in 2000.
Test site is mid south end part of lake from boat.

Location created by
Ed Rohr
  • Site ID: N 44 deg 58'54" W 77 deg 04'26"
  • Lat: 45.0269505
  • Lng: -77.34375
  • Waterbody Type: Unknown
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Observation Tests Summary

pH (0-14)
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7.2 Latest
7.2 Average
Water Temperature ℃
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27.5 Latest
27.5 Average
Air Temperature ℃
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32.2 Latest
32.2 Average
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)
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10.0 Latest
10.0 Average
Conductivity (uS/cm)
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68 Latest
68 Average
Alkalinity (mg/L)
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60 Latest
60 Average
Hardness (mg/L)
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50 Latest
50 Average
Water Depth (m)
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6.4 Latest
6.4 Average