Churchill park Bancroft

York river

Bancroft, Ontario, Canada

Off the boat launch at Churchill park in the town of Bancroft on Hastings st/Hwy 62 north

Location created by
Anna Mandalentsis

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Partly cloudy and just a small bit of current on the river…basically calm.

26 Sep 14:10 by Heather Ross

Smoky hazy sky from forest fires. Mosquitoes and Canada Geese. River very calm and flowing gently.,

30 Jun 14:35 by Don Ross

Slightly overcast and calm. Few mosquitoes around, otherwise no other wildlife to report on.

29 Aug 10:00 by Heather Ross

Clear sky and calm….very little current in the river. Some water bugs, dragonflies and songbirds.

03 Jun 09:45 by Don Ross

Recent heat wave with intermittent heavy rainfall. No rainfall for 36hrs previous to testing this location. This section of river runs through the town of Bancroft and several homes back onto the river.

05 Jul 13:25 by Anna Mandalentsis