1st Footbridge N. of Des Epinettes Ave.

Bilberry Creek

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Testing site is under the first footbridge of the trail north of Des Epinettes Avenue. Erosion and landslides affected both sides of the creek due to heavy rains in April 2017. The area upstream of the testing site has been under construction for months as the city is adding retaining walls and rocks, and driving steel posts into the ground to increase stability. The creek was temporarily diverted by a nearby channel under Des Epinettes Avenue for easier construction access.

Location created by
Julie Lachapelle
  • Lat: 45.4641941
  • Lng: -75.5071449
  • Waterbody Type: Unknown
  • Timezone: America/Toronto

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Cloudy day with light breeze. Rain in the past 48 hrs. Water was murky and running faster than usual. A crow flew overhead. There was lots of noise coming from a top soil/mulch truck parked on Turnberry Road which was dispensing mulch pneumatically on the west river bank where they were planting trees.

26 Oct 06:30 by Julie Lachapelle

Sunny, no wind. Heavy rain in the past 24 hrs. Higher water level. Construction for bank stabilization ongoing. A bumble bee was flying around close to the water.

05 Oct 06:25 by Julie Lachapelle

Sunny day with some clouds. Windy. Rain in the past 24 hrs. Could hear birds in the trees.

28 Sep 10:23 by Julie Lachapelle

Sunny day, light breeze. Light rain in the past 24 hrs. Water is murky. Leaves have started to fall off the surrounding trees.

21 Sep 10:12 by Julie Lachapelle

Mostly sunny with some clouds. No rain in the past 48 hrs. Light breeze.

14 Sep 09:55 by Julie Lachapelle

Cloudy, no breeze. Rain in the past 12 hours. Can hear construction upstream. Water is running faster and water level is higher. Spotted a dead fish under a rock mid-stream.

07 Sep 10:00 by Julie Lachapelle

Cloudy and windy. Rain in the past 24 hrs. Can hear the excavators and trucks from the construction upstream.

31 Aug 09:55 by Julie Lachapelle

Sunny day, no wind. Heavy rain in the past 48 hrs.

24 Aug 10:08 by Julie Lachapelle